What's new in Preview 4 (pre-release)

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What's new in Preview 4 (pre-release)

Postby JS-Support @Userware » Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:20 am


We are pleased to announce the release of C#/XAML for HTML5 v1.0 PREVIEW 4.

Here is what's new since the PREVIEW 3:
  • Improved output HTML so that the app runs full-screen. Disabled the pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices. Optimized the output resolution to match the resolution of the devices that the apps are executed on.
  • Added support for named colors (eg. Colors.Red)
  • Added initial support for the "Grid" control
  • Added support for the "ScrollViewer" control
  • Added support for the "Rectangle" control
  • Added support for the horizontal "WrapPanel" control
  • Added support for more system classes: Thickness, Size, Point, Rect, etc.
  • More properties added to objects, such as FrameworkElement.Tag
  • Performance improvement: removed the 300ms touch delay on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone...).
  • Bug fix: images added to the project are now properly copied to the output directory (using the same directory structure as in the project). You can reference them in your XAML using the "ms-appx://" syntax (just like in Windows 8 projects). Example:

    Code: Select all

    <Image Source="ms-appx://SubfolderOfTheProjectFolder/Logo1.png" Width="300" Height="100" Stretch="Fill"/>

Thanks for using C#/XAML for HTML5.

Best regards,

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