Beta 8.3 of C#/XAML for HTML5 released

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Beta 8.3 of C#/XAML for HTML5 released

Postby JS-Support @Userware » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:02 pm

Dear CSHTML5 users and forum members,

We are pleased to inform you that the Beta 8.3 of CSHTML5 is available for download!

You will find it in the "Attachments" section after this message.

New Features and bug fixes since Beta 8.2 include:

  • Brand new Simulator! (read new features below)

  • Much, much faster compilation! (up to 20X faster) The simulator will appear after a few seconds. The generation of JS and HTML files will continue in the background.
  • Simulator feature: Ability to choose "Desktop" as a possible choice of "display size", which makes the window much larger and resizable!
  • Simulator feature: The "display size" is persisted, so when you restart the Simulator you get the same display size as before.
  • Support for LinearGradientBrush!
  • Support for StrokeDashArray (except in the Simulator)
  • Fixed issues with animations in the Simulator ("Velocity.js not defined")
  • Added sample animation to the Showcase app (to see it, create a new project of type "Showcase", run it, click "Other", and scroll to the "Animations" section)
  • Ability to launch Storyboards/Animations programmatically with Storyboard.Begin()
  • A warning is displayed when a WCF service reference is not configured properly
  • Ability to define colors in XAML using the syntax <Color R="255" G="255" B="255"/>, and new String to Byte converter for XAML types
  • Removed misleading warning "new protected member declared in sealed class"
  • Fixed ExponentialEase with EaseInOut
  • Fixed an issue that caused the <ContentPresenter/> to not display the content in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where the StrokeThickness had an influence on the size of a Shape even when Stroke was null
  • Fixed an issue where a Style with a ColorAnimation would change the color of all the elements that used that Style instead of just the current element
  • Fixed an issue that caused animations to not find their target in some situations

You may also be interested to read What's new in the previous Beta 8.2.

Notes about installation:
  • Before installing the update, it is recommended that you close all the open instances of Visual Studio.
  • If for some reason you need to revert to the previous Beta, simply uninstall this one (from the Control Panel) and reinstall the previous Beta.

We hope you will enjoy this build!

If you find any issues, please post them on the forums or send an email to

Thank you.
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Re: New Beta 8.3 released! [Download]

Postby xidea » Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:18 am


I've downloaded and installed the beta 8.3. (VS2015)
When I load a XAML page containing Image tags, the image is not showed in the Design panel :?: . It happens even editing i.e. the page Page1_Controls from the Showcase sample project.


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Re: New Beta 8.3 released! [Download]

Postby zemorango » Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:28 am

Great Jobs and great news, really like the GradientBrush , :D but I'm waiting for popup windows, I have some huge projects in silverlight but really need popup and child windows, :cry: It would by nice in a near future to have a tool to import silverlight projects to cshtml5 projects, importing the silverlight Xaml files to the cshtml5 xaml, or at least part of it like 60 or 70%, with some indications to manualy do the rest and then we would have a win win situation. :D

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Re: New Beta 8.3 released! [Download]

Postby JS-Support @Userware » Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:14 am

@Flavio: thanks. We are aware of the fact that images do not appear in the XAML preview pane. We are working on it and plan to have it fixed in one of the upcoming builds.

@zemorango: thanks. Glad you like the new version! Thanks for the suggestions: we are definitely going to implement them in the coming months!


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