ComboBox bug with TabControl

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ComboBox bug with TabControl

Postby Sesztak » Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:31 am

Dear JS-Support,

Working with ComboBox bug with TabControl I found a bug:
When you leave the the TabItem where there is a ComboBox , when you back :
the ComboBox items missing / like disappeared: but only visually.

The bug only happens when you fill combobox items manually (with .Add() ),
the NO such a bug if you fill items with ItemsSource !!!

(unfortunately not possible to use ItemsSource because of other limitation of combobox.ItemsSource : see refresh bug.)

Waiting for your urgent and kind reply,
Best Regards,

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Re: ComboBox bug with TabControl

Postby rkmore » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:17 am

This happens with other controls on a tab too.

Try cycling the "Visibility" of the child controls on the tab when the tab becomes active. Worked for me.

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Re: ComboBox bug with TabControl

Postby Sesztak » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:48 am

Dear rkmore,

First of all thanks for your kind reply.

What you mean about 'cycling the "Visibility" ' ? -sorry, but I do not understand what you mean, what you advise :(

When we "click - back" to a tabItem (fill the comboboxes at certain tabitem, visit other tabitem in a tabcontrol, and go back to the first tabitem) (with two comboboxes and one listbox) I've got and Unhandled exception:
'JSIL.Bootstrap.js?20167181428:2476 Uncaught System.ArgumentException: Key already exists'

in browser debugger details (paused in debugger):

$.Method({Static:false, Public:true }, "Add",
(new JSIL.MethodSignature(null, [new JSIL.GenericParameter("TKey", "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2"), new JSIL.GenericParameter("TValue", "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2")], [])),
function Add (key, value) {
var bucketEntry = this.$searchBucket(key);

if (bucketEntry !== null)
throw new System.ArgumentException("Key already exists");

return this.$addToBucket(key, value);

I think it's a big bug .

Waiting for the kind reply,

JS-Support @Userware
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Re: ComboBox bug with TabControl

Postby JS-Support @Userware » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:54 am

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are investigating it. I will keep you updated.


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