Is ulong / UInt64 is supported ?

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Is ulong / UInt64 is supported ?

Postby Sesztak » Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:09 am

Dear Support,

Is ulong is supported ?
if we use UInt64 or ulong at WCF Server code, the ServiceReference allways generate ulong type (does not matter if it is UInt64 or ulong at WCF service),

And have have got exception, e.g.:
"TypeError: this.DataVersionField.Equals is not a function"

WCF service code part:
public Int64 DataVersion {get; set;} // or public ulong DataVersion {get; set;}

<auto-generated> Reference.cs code part:
public ulong DataVersion {
get {
return this.DataVersionField;
set {
if ((this.DataVersionField.Equals(value) != true)) {
this.DataVersionField = value;

If we use a normal int or Int64 (long) : so, not an unsigned version !: no problem at all, everything is as expected.

I think your "what is supported" info ( is not precise enough or there is a bug regarding ulong/UInt64.

Waiting for your kind reply,
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

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