Have things slowed down?

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Have things slowed down?

Postby MichaelHughes » Tue May 12, 2020 12:40 am

I am watching the forums, the release schedule and the road map and nothing much seems to be updating.

I hope I am wrong but it looks as if everything has slowed down. I no longer seem to get answers to my emails to support and things like the roadmap seem woefully out of date.

I know we are in the middle of a pandemic but software development shouldn't be affected too much.

I note that we are still at version 1.2.4 and preview 0.6 for version 2. We are now 6 months on with not much apparent progress on either.
The roadmap still claims we will be at 2.0 beta by Q1 with general release of 2.0 by Q2 and we are approaching the middle of May with no more news??.

I really love your product and your work but I am getting increasingly worried about whether you are going to deliver on version 2 and whether you have neglected version 1 in the process.

Thanks Michael

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Re: Have things slowed down?

Postby JS-Support @Userware » Tue May 12, 2020 1:28 am


Please have a look at the GitHub commit history to see that the development has actually accelerated, not slowed down:

We are going to update the roadmap on the cshtml5 website to reflect the recent changes, especially the release of the Technology Preview of OpenSilver (cf. https://opensilver.net/announcements/introducing-opensilver.aspx ), which is the WebAssembly-based version of CSHTML5. Please note that CSHTML5 and OpenSilver share the same code base (cf. https://github.com/OpenSilver/OpenSilver ) so all the improvements to one also benefit the other. We are going to keep maintaining both products.

In terms of releases, we now rarely update the VSIX installer because the updates are now released via NuGet.org. Please have a look at the NuGet history to see that we have been diligently releasing a new version at least once a month:
To update to the latest version, please use the NuGet Package Manager.

In terms of support, unfortunately we are currently unable to quickly handle the very large number of tickets that we are receiving (especially since the release of OpenSilver), but we have plans to grow the support team to be able to quickly reply to everyone. The best way to have an issue fixed quickly is to request to schedule a meeting, so that we can review the issue together, and to subscribe to a professional support plan where the additional hours of support are invoiced.

We also have many people working on the migration of Silverlight and WPF applications to CSHTML5 and OpenSilver, which also contributes to improving the software. Those are dedicated resources because they work as part professional services. Examples of new features that are being developed as part of these professional services include support for Telerik UI for Silverlight, and RIA Services. We have started to post some Success Stories on the website, and we will soon post more: https://opensilver.net/gallery/#success-stories

The links to the GitHub commit history (above) and the NuGet packages history should reassure you that things have not slowed down in terms of product development, even though the CSHTML5 website is not up to date and the support team is a bit overwhelmed.

Please rest assured that we are working hard on CSHTML5 and OpenSilver, that we have great plans for them, and that we are more confident than ever on the success of these products.

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Re: Have things slowed down?

Postby MichaelHughes » Tue May 12, 2020 2:20 am

Wonderful news!! - Many, many thanks.

I hope I didn't offend by asking the question - I really love your product as I said before.
I hoped you'd see my question as a chance to show what you are doing.

I am still to move to version 2 - being alpha still puts me off a little compared to 1.2.4, but I now see the progress you are making and I will make it a high priority.

Your answer has surpassed my expectations - I am more than happy :-)
You answered it magnificently.

Keep up the good work.

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